‘Letting Go’ (Exercise – do 2-3 times a day if you can)


Releasing The Past Frees Us To Live In ‘The Now’

(If you have a printer, make a copy of the exercise below and keep it handy; if not, reading the words from the screen will suffice)

Try to find yourself a quiet place where you can sit and relax. If your schedule means that your quiet space is in the middle of the office, then so be it. Take a slow, deep breath and hold it for a count of two. As you exhale allow all the tension to leave your body. Feel your scalp, forehead and face relax. Your head does not need to be tense in order to read. Let your tongue, throat and shoulders relax. You can hold the paper while in this state. Let your back ease and feel your abdomen and pelvis relax. Let your slow breathing be at peace while you relax your legs and feet. Feel the change in your body as you continue exhale all your stresses and tensions. As you sit slowly breathing in this relaxed, comfortable position, say to yourself

‘I am willing to let go.

I release.

I let go.

I release all tension.

I release all fear.

I release all anger.

I release all guilt.

I release all sadness.

I let go of all old limitations.

I let go and I am at peace.

I am at peace with myself.

I am at peace with the process of life.

I am safe.’

As the weight of the past leaves you, feel yourself lighten and be aware of the energy which replaces it. That energy is Love.


‘The Light-Workers Mission Statement’


Remembering Who You Are And Why You Are Here Is Your Life Contract

Our life mission, or contract, can be neither defined nor measures by our external life. Your purpose is not only your career or relationships with  others: your contract is your overall relationship with your Personal Power and your Spiritual Power. It is how you work with your energy and those you choose to exchange it with. It is also about how much you are willing to surrender to Divine guidance.

‘How To Feel Your Heart…And How To Use It’


Your heart is your power station: fuel it with love and it will light up your world

First, a science lesson; your heart connects with the endocrine system (which includes the pineal and pituitary glands) as part of the psychic senses which we commonly know as The Third Eye. It projects a powerful electromagnetic field and when it is harmonized with the brain and nervous system it elevates us to a new level of awareness. Intelligence is increased, emotional and mental balance is achieved. Clarity of thought and intuitive knowing are within reach and there is a stronger connection to a higher consciousness. The heart is the centre of all this, of everything.

Okay, maybe not empirical science….

As I journeyed through life I experienced my share of negativity on my path-bad relationships, deceit, mistrust and abuse, and I was trapped in a cycle of negative emotions and repeated patterns. When I made the conscious decision to change my life I was determined to rid myself of as much of this negativity as possible. I knew that this would not be straightforward as it would entail changing habits which I had developed over a lifetime.

I began by listening to relaxing music: at first I fell asleep! Soon I learned to relax to the music and unusual things started to happen to me – when I had thoughts of my family and friends I experienced a warm feeling which I understood to be Love. Further practice of this stillness led to me feeling not only this Love but also the pains of the past, which would drift into my consciousness. These feelings of sadness and negativity I released with Love: mentally scanning my past for the people who had hurt me and vice versa, I wrote down the names and one by one said out loud ‘I forgive you’, then went on to mentally ask them for forgiveness. One by one I was letting them go without guilt, regret or hate. This releasing gave me much-needed healing: the spaces left by the negativity I filled up with love. Freedom of mind and feeling was in my life now and I graciously accepted it for what it was.

Everyday for 10 minutes I practiced these sittings (which I now realise were meditations) and I found  I was getting to know my heart, and I began to feel with it. An abundance of Love entered my life: I grew to trust my feelings and began to make decisions based on these intuitions. I trained myself (only 10 minutes per day) to recognise and use my intuitive wisdom to enable the truth of everything in my life to shine.

You can make the same changes for yourself – get to know and feel with your heart. Ten minutes everyday will give rise to great changes in your life.

Make time everyday to sit in a calm space and find yourself some relaxing music. Begin by thinking of someone you love and notice how you feel while doing it. Learn to recognise this feeling as Love. Let any other emotions present themselves as they may. You may cry but this is part of the releasing (and consequently the healing). Let it happen. Be aware of how your heart feels and get to know its energy as it becomes stronger. Use this feeling as a guide. Get to know your heart. Learn all you can about it. Share your knowledge with others. Make your heart your priority-it is a MASTER TOOL. The Love that will resonate from your heart is very powerful and will bring about immense changes, enabling you to manifest what you desire.

The heart is our power station-it is the centre of us as humans in the same way the Sun is the centre of our universe, and with its warmth and energy it creates our existence.

Get your spark shining out to the World. Everything you need to know is within you. Create harmony in your life, relationships and environment and enjoy the wonderful experiences which will be yours.

‘I Am Willing To Change’


A willingness to make and allow changes enables us to create movement and progress in our lives.

I have had moments in life where I have stood still, and positive changes have not occurred. Sometimes these ‘moments’ lasted for years! A while ago I made a conscious decision to change my life as I was repeating the same patterns and consequently the same mistakes. Something had to be done. It was at this time I discovered a book* and within its pages I found the wonderful affirmation ‘I am willing to change’. Everyday I repeated this while facing a mirror, feeling slightly self-conscious at first, but also thinking that, however silly I felt, I had nothing to lose. It made me laugh, and this laughter helped minimise my initial embarrassment.

In a very short time I realised  was that my whole belief system was changing: I started feeling from my heart which opened up a completely different world to me-a world of non-judgement. As a result of making very small changes my entire way of regarding my life was altered. I began by changing my opinions of others-in the past I had been very judgemental of neighbours, colleagues, friends and even family members whom I professed to love. Now I took another look at them through loving eyes and I saw them as they really were, without being filtered through my prejudices and fears.  I was looking through the eyes of Love and not through the eyes of Fear; consequently my decision-making became clearer and more confident as I was able to make choices based on Truth and Love.

A willingness to change allows you to reclaim your power and have control of your decision-making.

Being positive about myself and others opened up exciting opportunities to me. New people entered my life, my ‘fortunes’ (emotional, spiritual AND financial) all blossomed, merely by opening myself to the possibility of change. I was still making mistakes but I was no longer beating myself up about my failings, as I was confident that my decisions had been made with Love, and so I could regard my mistakes as ‘lessons’.

Consider doing things differently by altering your belief system and feeling with your heart. Trust your instincts. Start today-what is your favourite colour? Change it! You don’t have to be tied to one choice for all of your life. Being positive in your life attracts other positive people. The negatives which held you down fall away naturally and you will grow. A willingness to change is the first step toward freedom from the restraints imposed by modern life. It gave substance to my perceptions which in turn helped develop my intuition. Try it. Try the same small exercise I did, see what wonders occur and enjoy them when they do.

(* The book I read was ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay. I must stress that I am in no way associated with Ms. Hay and do not profit in any way by mentioning her book here. I quote from her book as it was important in my spiritual development, and I merely wish to acknowledge that)

‘Thank You!’


Welcoming Gratitude into our daily lives opens a doorway to change. It is a powerful tool that makes both you and the recipient of the Gratitude feel an inner contentment. This simple act creates a ‘Peace-Of-Mind’ way of life.

Practice saying ‘Thank You’ as a matter of course whenever and wherever you can. Notice how others react both to the expression and the phrase. Imagine the energy flowing toward the other person as you say the words. Be aware of their reactions towards you. Positive people will respond with a smile and be grateful for the kindness shown to them.

‘Thank You’ is a social tool, an exchange of energy between two participants. It uplifts and nourishes.

When used as above, you will see immediate results. Consequently, your thought-patterns will change in ways which are life-enhancing and will, with practice and consistent use, be life-changing.

Gratitude is a wonderful energy, available to all of us, anytime we choose.

‘Learning To Use The Vibrations Around You For A Positive Life’



As I look at the world we inhabit I am aware it is full of positive vibrations that we can use to enrich our lives. Whenever we feel low we use ‘things’ to make us feel better: we buy a new pair of shoes, we smoke a cigarette, we drink a glass of wine. None of these offer a permanent solution however, and soon we start to feel the familiar sensation which must be satisfied again, and soon. Instead of using ‘stuff’ to temporarily scratch the nagging itch, I intend to show you how to alter your perception of the world, rather like tuning in a radio dial, which in turn will offer up a whole new world. A world where anxiety is replaced by laughter, sadness with joy, and fear with peace of mind.

WE are responsible for our own feelings.

WE can CHOOSE to take control of our emotions and choose to be positive.

As soon as a negative thought bubbles up, cancel it out and replace it with a higher-level positive vibration. Okay, this may not come easily to a lot of us, but a useful trick, as soon as you think or say something negative, is to think ‘CANCEL’ (or ‘BACKSPACE’, and imagine yourself erasing the words or thoughts). Then you replace the negativity with WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE. This conscious decision affects EVERYTHING around you, and is contagious: people react differently to you, awkward situations can now be resolved with ease, confidence levels rise, you start to feel that ‘someone’ or ‘something’ is on your side and that the sun is shining on you. Incorporate this little trick into your daily life and wonders will occur.

Try this simple exercise: make up your own affirmation. Keep it simple and have it begin ‘I AM…’. Make it about whatever you like (I AM HEALTHY’, ‘I AM WEALTHY’etc and make it positive.You can even have something as apparently simple as ‘I LOVE MYSELF’ if this is what you desire). Stand in front of the mirror (you can do this in the bathroom in the morning) and repeat it aloud to yourself. This is so that what you ask for will be reflected back at you. Do this daily. In time you will see great changes and what you ask for WILL come to you.

Remember to ALWAYS be positive about what you ask for, and always be positive in what you say about yourself.